Subnautica: Below Zero screenshot of the newly added greenhouse and friendly snow stalker

[Update]: Subnautica: Below Zero has now launched from Early Access, and without any sort of major technical issues!

The previous couple of Subnautica: Below Zero updates were all about adding an assortment of new content and revamping the story. The most recent update, however, is a little bit more modest in scope.

Instead of further expanding the game world, the Salad Days update has brought in a whole host of improvements and additions to spice up the existing biomes, as well as some fun new machines to toy around with. You can now recycle any unwanted items, warm up by brewing a cup of delicious coffee, and most importantly of all given the update's name, grow and assemble your very own alien salad!

There's also a bunch of new Snow Stalker behaviors, including reactions to flares, as well as additional story clues to suss out as you explore the world. You'll also be able to discover a recently deceased (and still terrifying) Ice Worm, repair the Arctic Spires bridge, and if you're so inclined, finally rescale the UI!

You can read a little bit more about these changes over at the Subnautica website. And with that said, I'll leave you with the remarkably cheerful new trailer. Enjoy!