Preview image for Subnautica: Below Zero's Frostbite update

[Update #2]: Subnautica: Below Zero will be leaving Early Access and launching in full on May 14, 2021.

[Update]: The next patch in line has added more diversity to the biomes, new machinery, and most importantly of all, alien salad!

Unhappy with the state of the current storyline, Subnautica: Below Zero developers have been hard at work on rewriting the story for quite a while now. While the process still isn't complete, you might be happy to hear that the latest Frostbite update has added the beginnings of an all-new story, as well as an intro cinematic detailing the crash landing onto Planet 4546B.

The update has also brought in a whole bunch of polish for existing content, including an extensive rework of the Glacial Basin biome. The Glacial Basin now not only has more nooks and crannies to uncover, each potentially filled with juicy loot and not-so-juicy monsters, but it also connects more seamlessly with the nearby biomes.

You can also expect to see a new snowball interaction with Snow Stalkers, a new cold mechanic that can result in your having hypothermia, as well as new weather conditions in order to make managing your body heat all the more tricky. Oh, and the mighty Ice Worm now also has a variety of new animations, including one where it pretty much launches a Snow Stalker into orbit before catching it mid-air.

If that has piqued your curiosity, here's what it and some of the other features look like in-game:

You can read more about the Frostbite update, as well as Subnautica: Below Zero, over at the official website. Have fun not freezing to death!