Shadowrun: Hong Kong extended edition is now available

When Harebrained Schemes announced that they will be adding 5 hours of extra content to Shadowrun: Hong Kong I was rather ecstatic but I have to admit I didn't expect they would be bringing it out this soon.

However, I doubt anyone will complain as the Extended Edition of Shadowrun: Hong Kong brings with it new visual effects, dialogue, a 6 hours long campaign and much more. All for the very affordable price of nothing if you already own Hong Kong. Here's a short overview of the contents:

The biggest addition by far is the brand new campaign which according to the developers will take 6+ hours to beat. In it you and your allies will turn the tables on the elite corporate police that once hunted you. There will be new dangerous enemies to contend with, far-reaching conspiracies to discover and a whole bunch of new fancy loot to earn.

Along with the new campaign Harebrained Schemes are adding over 100 minutes of developer audio commentary which you will most likely be able to uncover as you progress through the game, or just watch tomorrow on youtube once somebody else does the hard work for you! Either way its the feature I'm the most excited about because I love the idea of being able to look at games from the viewpoint of someone that dedicated years of their life to it. There's always something interesting that comes up.

Besides simply adding new content the Extended Edition is also updating visual effects, dialogue, editor features and fixing a whole load of bugs. Concrete information on this is unfortunately unavailable but I'm sure they'll post the full patch notes soon enough.

If Shadowrun: Hong Kong seems like the sort of thing you will enjoy now would be the time to get in on the action as its currently being sold on Steam for half price (€9,99 / $9,99).

And if you're interested in other games by Harebrained Schemes their Dark Soulsy co-op roguelike Necropolis is coming out in March and Battletech, a turn based tactical mech game has recently been Kickstarted with a whopping 2.8 million in funding.