Necropolis is an upcoming Dark Souls inspired roguelike from the creators of the excellent modern Shadowrun games

Necropolis is an upcoming third person roguelike with a heavy focus on exploration, weighty combat and plenty of loot to plunder from trap-filled dungeons. It is being made by Harebrained Schemes, the folks behind the excellent modern renditions of the Shadowrun RPG so odds are its going to be good as well.

In a recently released press announcement Harebrained Schemes stated that Necropolis will come with four player co-op and launch on March 17th with pre-orders going up on February 2nd. Here's the short statement from studio manager Mitch Gitelman:

"We can’t wait to unleash Necropolis onto Steam players. Everyone thought the game was a blast when we played it single-player, but we were blown away by how fun it is to attack the Necropolis with our friends... If you think hanging out with your friends and whacking on monsters sounds like fun, then this is the game for you."

I've been keeping tabs on Necropolis ever since it was first announced last year and even though all of the footage back then was relatively clunky, as you might expect from an early build of the game, it definitely had that sort of Dark Souls vibe surrounding it which is what got me interested in the first place.

I would have settled just for a remotely Dark Souls inspired roguelike but to hear its going to allow for up to 4 players in co-op is absolutely amazing news because nothing is more fun with friends than grueling difficulty, deadly traps and angry natives you can push your friends towards by accident.

The information about Necropolis is a bit scarce right now but as we approach its February 2nd pre-order date I have a feeling a lot more will be revealed so keep an eye out for that. But if you're looking to expand your knowledge right now you can either check out the website or the trailer below: