Shadowrun: Hong Kong is getting a massive free update

If there ever was a development team that did Kickstarter campaigns right it would be Harebrained Schemes, the folks behind the modern Shadowrun games. They ask for reasonable sums of money, have well laid out plans and deliver excellent games right on schedule.

And if that's not enough to convince that HS really do care about their games then the fact that they just announced 5 hours of completely free extra content for Shadowrun: Hong Kong should. Here's the announcement message:

"Almost ready to go back to Hong Kong? We're adding 5+ hours of gameplay and a Dev Audio Commentary! (Same low price, lots more content! And updated free to everyone who already has the game!) "

As you can see there isn't much information to go on right now but just the thought of an already well-made Shadowrun: Hong Kong becoming even better is an exciting one.

Add to that developer commentary which should be of interest to many Shadowrun fans and you've got yourself an update well worth waiting for.

Besides this Hong Kong extension Harebrained Schemes is also hard at work on their co-op roguelike Necropolis set for March and their latest Kickstarted game Battletech which almost raised 3 million.