Empire of Sin artwork without the logo

[Update #2]: December 1, 2020 has now arrived, and with it Empire of Sin has been unleashed!

[Update]: Empire of Sin has now been pinned for a December 1, 2020 release date.

Empire of Sin, Romero Games' seedy turn-based strategy game set in 1920s Chicago, was originally supposed to arrive in spring of 2020 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. However, according to the latest developer update, it has now joined the ever-increasing list of games that have been pushed back until later this year. In Empire of Sin's case, it has been delayed until fall.

"As any good bootlegger knows, good liquor can't be rushed and the same goes for game development," reads the brief update. "This is why we have decided to move the release of Empire of Sin to fall 2020. We appreciate all your support so far, and trust that you understand why choosing quality over speed is important. After all, everyone knows you gotta stay sharp to make it in Chicago."

From what I've heard, the demo versions of Empire of Sin were quite rough around the edges, so I'd say this delay is definitely a good idea. Waiting a little bit longer is never all that exciting, but then again, neither is playing a half-finished game! So here's to hoping Empire of Sin will use these extra months and really make the gameplay as spotless as it can possibly be.

You can keep an eye on any further updates, as well as learn more about Empire of Sin, over at the official website.