Path of Exile artwork showing the Witch ascendancy

Path of Exile's most recent Incursion league has brought in a whole bunch of interesting changes and additions, the most notable of which is the new Temple which essentially allows you to craft and fine-tune your very own dungeon. And what better way to expand upon the concept than by adding two new rooms (each with two additional upgrades) filled with treasures to plunder!

In the Tormented Cells you will find Tormented Spirits, enemies that will attempt to possess a nearby foe in order to enhance their damage, and perhaps more importantly, the amount of loot they drop. Once upgraded the Tormented Cells will contain a large number of spirits, spirits that you can then lure to the boss in order to create a rather difficult challenge, though also one that is going to spew out loot all over the place... if you can manage to avoid dying anyway!

The second room is the Strongbox Chamber. As you can probably guess from the name alone, it contains a wide variety of strongboxes that all come with their own dangers and loot. Perhaps most importantly for hardcore players, this room will have a chance to spawn the extremely valuable Cartographer's Strongboxes, even in high level maps! So if you want to stock up on some Elder maps, this room is definitely worth upgrading.

As for the rest of the changes, the only really interesting one is the Cold Snap rebalance. Its damage over time effect no longer stacks with itself, but in order to compensate both Cold Snap and Vaal Cold Snap have had their damage increased by 25% at gem level 20. Whether this will be enough to keep Cold Snap relevant, I'm afraid I don't know, but it's unfortunately one of those bugs that needed to be fixed since it could deal damage to even invulnerable foes.

You can read more about these changes over at the official website.