Path of Exile screenshot of the Marauder ascendacy

Path of Exile's most recent Incursion league has quickly turned out to be one of the most enjoyable periods in the game's history. The new temple mechanics are fun to mess around with for both casual and hardcore players, there are new and relatively consistent ways of getting powerful gear, and just as importantly, the accompanying update made a bunch of new skills endgame viable.

With all of that in mind, I'm sure you'll also be glad to hear that are a whole bunch of improvements coming in the near future as well. First and foremost, we'll be getting Update 3.3.1 at some point next week. It'll bring with it two new series of temple rooms, a bit of a Cold Snap rebalance, a variety of bug fixes and small tweaks, as well as some much-needed performance improvements for players with slower graphics cards.

Path of Exile screenshot of the Incursion temple doors

What exactly the new rooms will be, nobody currently knows

The next update after that will introduce a revamped partying system that's designed to make it as easy as possible to play with your friends. You'll find the full details over at the official website, but the feature I feel is worth highlighting the most is the ability to downlevel your character so you can play with your friends regardless of how far ahead you are. This has been a highly requested feature since Path of Exile's original launch, so I am quite happy to finally see it come to life.

Around the end of August we'll be getting another ambitiously large league, with similar development scope to Incursion. Much like Incursion, this update will contain a set of new skills and revamps for some the old and fairly underutilized ones, with the end goal being to increase the amount of new and viable builds. More information regarding this update will be coming in early August.

The final thing worth mentioning are the numerous PvP improvements. Once again, you can find the details over at the PoE Forums. If you're just interested in the short version, however, the PvP update will remove flask charge generation and greatly reduce the damage of triggered gems in order to tone down burst damage and make the actual combat just a bit more strategic.

That's pretty much it as far as this developer update is concerned. Once the 3.3.1 patch comes along I'll make sure to let you know, but until then I wish you the best of luck with the corruption room!