Path of Exile screenshot of the Harvest update

[Update #2]: Path of Exile's next update will have you plan and execute high-stakes heists!

[Update]: Path of Exile's next major expansion will add macOS support.

Through the newly launched Harvest update, Path of Exile has now added the ability to grow and harvest your very own crops. However, given that this is Path of Exile and not Stardew Valley we're talking about, the plants in question are of the highly murderous sort and will happily try to snack on you should you disturb them!

The way all of this works is quite simple. You'll need to run across the entire world beating up enemies and collecting a variety of seeds, after which you will be able to plant them with the help of a newly added NPC. The seeds will eventually grow into a horde of enemies that you'll need to personally clear out, and the bigger the payoff you're looking for, the more deadly the creatures you'll need to tackle.

All of this will reward you with varying quantities of lifeforce, a rather nifty new material that can be used to either enhance or re-roll your gear. So whether you're looking to push far into the end-game, or simply mess around for a couple of weeks, it'll still be worth giving the new garden a closer look.

The update has also added major improvements to two-handed weapons, reworked the passive skill tree in order to promote a wider variety of builds, as well as introduced the usual bunch of new items to toy around with. You can check out all of the changes over at the Path of Exile website.

If you're just interested in the short version, however, I'll leave you with the recently posted trailer. It should clue you in quite nicely on just what the Harvest update is all about. Enjoy!