Overwatch artwork for Wrecking Ball

[Update]: Overwatch devs are now experimenting with a Triple Damage game mode, along with some major tank buffs.

It has only been a week since the last PTR update, and already the changes have made their way to the live version of Overwatch. So when Blizzard said they wanted to do faster patches and more aggressive balance changes, they really weren't joking around!

What makes this update even more significant, however, is the triumphant return of console-specific changes! These haven't been done since Torbjorn and Symmetra turrets got nerfed many eons ago, so it's quite nice to see them make a reappearance given how different the console and PC landscape truly is. Anyway, here are all of the balance changes:


Repair Pack

Armor over-heal reduced from 75 armor to 50 armor

HPS decreased from 60 to 55

Developer Comment: On top of the high utility Brigitte brings to her team, she also dishes out a ton of healing and armor. We’re reducing some of this healing and armor to help keep her in line with the other healers.


 Photon Projector (Secondary Fire)

Damage increased from 120 to 140

Developer Comment: Increasing Photon Projectors max damage allows Symmetra to play more effectively at a safer range when necessary.


 Widow’s Kiss

Full charge time for scoped shots increased from 0.75 sec to 0.9 sec

Developer Comment: Widowmaker has become stronger over time following changes to other heroes, such as power reductions to barriers. This change is intended to slow down her shots, reducing her overall DPS.

Wrecking Ball


- Affected players’ loss of air control reduced from 1 second to 0.5 seconds

Developer Comment: This change allows Wrecking Ball’s enemies to regain control of their movement more quickly to try and avoid attacks, making Piledriver combos a bit less deadly.




 Biotic Rifle

Allied projectile size increased from 0.3 to 0.4


 Sentry Turret

- Turret DPS reduced from 34 to 30

For those of you wondering why Brigitte got suddenly nerfed, the answer is quite simple. Blizzard is slowly toning down the overall power level of heroes, and since both Moira and Baptiste already got their healing output nerfed, Brigitte was simply next in line on the support front. I wouldn't worry too much, however, as Brigitte will still be an incredibly powerful and versatile healer after this relatively minor nerf.

To learn more about this update, as well as follow any future patches as they get released, you should head on over to the Overwatch forums.