Early Genji concept artwork for Overwatch

[Update]: The Triple Damage update has now arrived alongside Ashe's Mardi Gras challenge.

While the recent Role Queue update has drastically improved the quality of matches, it has also revealed a bit of a problem - the disparity between the number of people playing DPS heroes and those playing tanks. As you might imagine, this disparity then leads to extremely long queue times for DPS players, as well as potentially lopsided games for tank players as the system tries to get them into a match as quickly as possible.

In order to hopefully fix this problem, as well as test out what would even happen, Overwatch devs will soon be introducing the "Triple Damage" experimental game mode. This new game mode will have the same competitive rules as usual, just with the roles being locked to 1 tank, 3 DPS and 2 support heroes. This doesn't mean any of the changes will stick around once the "Triple Damage" mode goes away, but even so, it'll be interesting to see what happens when you take some of the core concepts of Overwatch and flip them upside down.

Since tanks works best in pairs (Rein + Zarya being a good example), Blizzard will also be significantly buffing some tanks in order to have them better match their new solo role. What exactly these changes will be, that still remains to be seen, but Blizzard has revealed that one of Roadhog's buffs will be that his Take a Breather ability now releases a cloud of smoke that can heal both him and his allies. A neat idea, which combined with some more buffs to his tankiness, could actually transform him into a highly threatening main tank.

Whatever the case may be, I certainly looking forward to trying out some of the crazier ideas the Overwatch team comes up with. Many will fail, of course, but even if only one manages to stick the landing I'd say the whole thing will be worth the trouble!

I'll let you know once the update goes live, but until then, you can learn a little bit more about it through the recently posted developer video. Enjoy!