Overwatch Summer Games 2019 screenshot of Torbjorn on the beach

[Update #2]: Overwatch's newest main tank Sigma has now arrived alongside the long-awaited Role Queue!

[Update]: Overwatch's next hero has been revealed to be Sigma - a shield based main tank with quite an interesting set of abilities!

If you were hoping that Blizzard would end the recent streak of disappointing seasonal events, I'm afraid you're out of luck as this year's Summer Games is probably the least interesting event released so far. It contains a smaller than average number of Legendary skins, there are no new game modes, and even Lucioball itself didn't receive any sort of major gameplay improvements.

The one thing that does make this event a bit more enticing, however, is the new challenge system. By winning nine games during each of the three weeks you'll be able to unlock a bunch of new sprays, as well as Epic skins for Reaper, Mei and Reinhardt. A fairly small addition in the grand scheme of things, but definitely something I'd like to see Blizzard continue in the future as well.

You can get a pretty good idea of what these skins look like in-game, as well as what sort of Legendary skins the Summer Games event has brought in, through the recently posted trailer. Have a peek:

While this year's Summer Games event is a bit on the mediocre side, there is a very good reason for why this is the case - Blizzard has spent a considerable amount of time implementing both a Role Lock and a Role Queue. So if you're tired of having 4 DPS on your team, or if you simply want to try a new role without feeling like you're letting your team down, you will soon have a chance to do just that!

Those additions are still a couple of weeks away, so until then you might want to focus on the Summer Games and any of the skins you're still missing. You can find out more by visiting the official website. Enjoy!