Overwatch official artwork for Sigma

[Update #2]: Role Queue has now been officially released for both Competitive and Quick Play!

[Update]: Overwatch devs have now answered some of the most common questions about Role Queue and the intend behind it.

After a few dozen leaks and an extended testing phase, Role Queue has now finally made its way to Overwatch. The new system will now ensure each team has exactly two supports, two tanks and two DPS, while also giving you the ability to queue for exactly the role (or roles) you want. Best of all, each role has its own unique matchmaking rating, so regardless of what role you decide to play, you'll be matched with people of equal skill! Right now Role Queue is only up and running in the competitive mode, though it will become available in quick play on September 1st as well. 

Besides Role Queue, the highlight of this update is definitely the new main tank Sigma. Not only does he have a downright awesome story trailer, but he's also another shield-focused tank to help give some diversity to poor main tank players that have been stuck on Orisa and Reinhardt for literal years at this point. Here's what Sigma can offer:

The update has also brought in some lovely balance changes. Brigitte has been reworked in order to better fit the 2/2/2 landscape, Hanzo and Orisa have received a small but meaningful nerf, Sombra has become slightly less annoying to fight against, while the cost of every single ultimate ability has been increased by 12%. Not exactly the biggest changes Overwatch has ever seen, but combined with the newly introduced Role Queue, they will most definitely result in a bit of a meta shift.

You can read more about these changes, as well as check out all of the various bug fixes, over at the official website. On the other hand, if you're just itching to jump into competitive and see how you fare on each of the roles, I wish you the best of luck!