Overwatch artwork showing the Paris Assault map

After spending a fair bit of time on the PTR, Overwatch's newest Assault map Paris made its way to the live servers two weeks ago. In order to give everyone enough time to explore the map, as well as ensure the competitive mode doesn't erupt into chaos, Blizzard opted to make Paris initially available only in Quick Play and Arcade game modes.

The two-week wait is now over, however, and Paris has finally made its way to Competitive Play as well. Much like the last few map releases, I would highly recommend taking a little break from Competitive Play this week as it is likely to be a bit of a mess, especially since Paris is a chokepoint-heavy Assault map that requires a bit of finesse to actually complete.

As for whether Paris is any good or not in a competitive setting, that still remains to be seen. From what I've experienced so far, it's pretty much the same story as the other Assault maps - the first point is nearly impossible to defend for long periods of time, whereas the second point is incredibly annoying to attack because the defenders practically spawn right on top of it. In other words, your enjoyment of Paris will greatly depend on how much you enjoy the Assault game mode as a whole.

Finally, allow me to send you off with the recently posted trailer highlighting what Paris looks like, as well as what sort of areas you'll be running through as you attempt to smash the enemy team into the ground. Enjoy!