Overwatch artwork for the brand new map set in Paris

A little while ago Overwatch's Jeff Kaplan announced that they have a bunch of new content coming in the near future. As you're most likely aware, he really wasn't joking given that over the past few weeks Overwatch received a nice variety of updates. The Lunar New Year event added numerous new and old skins to collect, the Ana Bastet challenge offered a fancy new cosmetic alongside a short story, while the most recent balance update finally brought in some much-needed nerfs to the tank-heavy support lineups.

Given the Overwatch team's relative silence after the event's launch I assumed that was 'it' for the time being, but thankfully it would appear that I was quite wrong as the Overwatch PTR has just been updated with a brand new Assault map set in Paris! I won't pretend I'm exactly happy to see yet another choke-heavy Assault map, but if nothing else, the new Paris map really is beautiful to look at!

Besides a trip to Paris, the new PTR also offers a variety of bug fixes, as well as a nerf to non-recoverable armor and shields. You can find all of the details over at the official website, but long story short, non-recoverable shields and armor will now be destroyed first when under fire, which means that heroes like Zarya and Zenyatta will no longer be able to protect non-recoverable health underneath their recoverable shields. A relatively minor change, but definitely another nerf to the mass-tank/mass-support strategy that has been dominating pro play for quite a while now.

If you're playing on the PC and you're itching to see all of this in action, simply change your server region to "PTR" and you'll be able to explore Paris after a bit of a lengthy download. Have fun!

Overwatch artwork showing the new Amour poster from the Paris map