Overwatch artwork for the new Marammat Symmetra skin

[Update]: Overwatch is adding the Priority Pass system to help with lengthy queue times.

Only a few days have gone by since the Experimental Mode closed down, and already Blizzard has brought in the awesome set of quality of life improvements. Ana's biotic grenade will now pass through full-health allies, Hanzo's storm arrows can be manually canceled, while Mei and Symmetra can destroy their wall and teleporter even while dead. The only omission is the Pharah change that allowed her to use her fuel to propel herself downwards, though that will most likely still arrive once Blizzard sorts out all of the bugs.

What might come as a bit of a surprise is that instead of continuing the recent Tracer comic, Blizzard has released a short story about two rather unlikely characters - Symmetra and Zenyatta! So if you're like me and you were waiting for years to get a little bit more lore about the Omnic monk, you might want to head on over to the Blizzard website and give the new story a look.

If you're not in the mood for reading right now, don't worry as the story also has an in-game component - the Marammat Symmetra challenge. Much like the previous challenges, you'll need to win nine games in any of the official game modes before November 30th, all in an effort to earn a new Symmetra skin, spray and player icon. This also includes the various Arcade game modes, so if you want to maximize your rewards, do it through the Arcade as that will net you three Loot Boxes as well.

Have fun with the event, and if you're interested in all of the balance and quality of life changes, you can find the full list over at the patch notes.