Overwatch screenshot of Brigitte holding her shield

[Update #2]: Overwatch is adding the Priority Pass system to help with lengthy queue times.

[Update]: The quality of life changes have now been added alongside a new Symmetra challenge.

Instead of focusing on the balance like many of the previous patches, the newest experimental update has now brought in a whole bunch of awesome quality-of-life changes. Ana's biotic grenade will now passes through allies with full health, Hanzo's storm arrows can be manually canceled, while Pharah can use her jumpjets to rapidly accelerate downwards, essentially giving her a brand new way to dodge hitscan heroes.

While the experimental update is mostly focused on these types of quality-of-life changes, there are still two notable balance adjustments to highlight: Moira's healing resource consumption rate has been reduced, while Brigitte's recent health buff has been reverted. Here are all of the details:


Support heroes no longer say “Group up with me” when they are missing health and request healing


 Biotic Grenade projectile now passes through allies with full health


 Base health reduced from 175 to 150


 Storm Arrows can now be manually canceled


 Ice Wall can now be manually destroyed while dead


 Biotic Grasp healing resource consumption rate lowered from 14 to 12.5


 Hover Jets can now crouch mid-air to accelerate downwards


 Teleporter can now be manually destroyed while dead


 Turret can now be manually destroyed while dead

As always, pretty much all of these tweaks are extremely solid and there's very little to even discuss about them. The only change that gives me pause is the Brigitte nerf, because despite her recent buffs I didn't find her to be all that powerful in my mid-Masters games.

I can only imagine that Blizzard saw something truly horrifying in their internal tests, or perhaps the Overwatch League scrims, that made them revert the buff so quickly. Whatever the case may be, I can't help but sympathize with Brigitte mains as they have go to through a balance rollercoaster almost every single month.

All of these changes are already live as a part of the Experimental Mode, so if you're in the mood for helping Blizzard out with some much-needed feedback, hop in and take some of the new stuff for a spin. Have fun!