Genji from Overwatch using his Ultimate

Overwatch was seemingly destined to become a massive success even before it officially launched. The free Open Beta housed more than 10 million players, and if that wasn't ridiculous enough, Blizzard has announced that they have managed to sell more than 7 million copies in the first week alone!

Its popularity extends far beyond simple copies sold, however, as Gametrics recently confirmed that Overwatch has managed to end League of Legend's four year streak as the most played game in Korea's gaming cafes, a task many thought would be next to impossible given how entrenched LoL has become. According to the report, Overwatch is currently occupying ~30% of the players, while League of Legends trails slightly behind at 28%.

To put things into perspective, the third game on the list, Sudden Attack, is only at 8%! Things get even more silly when you go further down the list and realize that every single game from 3-10 combined doesn't come close to League of Legends and Overwatch, their popularity is simply that ginormous when compared to the rest.

Whether Overwatch will manage to hold its lead in the foreseeable future, I doubt anyone really knows, but it certainly speaks volumes about its quality given that it has managed to usurp the crown from arguably the most popular game on the entire planet. Its going to be interesting to see how these stats change now that the long awaited Competitive Mode has finally arrived to the PC version of Overwatch.

Overwatch's Soldier 76 posing with his rifle