Overwatch Tracer and Lucio

Blizzard came out earlier this month and said that almost 10 million players found their way into the Overwatch Open Beta, and in total managed to spent around 81 million hours roaming its 12 maps. That's 8 hours spent per person!

While those are certainly some impressive numbers I would've preferred to see stats on the most popular heroes, numbers of Bastions brutally dismantled, average map times, and so forth. Well... as luck would have it now I can because Blizzard has just released a massive infographic filled with all sorts of interesting stats from the Open Beta.

Have a look, though make sure to prepare your scrolling finger as this thing is fairly large:

Overwatch Open Beta infographic

If you're interested in the exact launch times for Overwatch that information has been released yesterday, and the good news is that all regions and platforms will be getting their hands on it at the same time.

On the other hand, if you're wondering if its any good or not, I welcome you to check out my review/impressions based on 20 hours with the Open Beta.