Overwatch Mei looking very surprised and confused alongside D.VA

Ever since the free Open Beta managed to gather 10 million players it was quite obvious that Blizzard has a massive hit on their hands, but I highly doubt anyone expected them to sell more than 7 million copies in a little over a week.

That is an astounding number, even for Blizzard standards, and it speaks volumes about the quality of Overwatch given how it managed to capture so many people during the Open Beta and never let them go, despite there being plenty of competition these days. Here's what Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard, had to say about the whole thing:

“Over the months and weeks leading up to release we saw a lot of love and support for Overwatch—from Blizzard gamers, FPS fans, and people who’d never picked up a game like this before—and we’re very grateful for everyone’s incredible passion and enthusiasm.

We poured a lot of effort into creating a game—and a new universe—that anyone could enjoy. We’re ecstatic to have had such a successful launch, and we’re looking forward to all of the fun, competition, and new content still to come.”

While they didn't release an extensive infographic like they did for the end of the Open Beta, Blizzard briefly dropped a couple of stats. Apparently the ~7 million players managed to log in more than 119 million hours combined, which comes down to 17 hours per person, a number that can only indicate an extremely successful launch week. That aside, players have swapped heroes 326 million times, and collectively delivered ~11 million payloads to their destinations, which in terms of the game lore usually means blowing something up.

Blizzard hasn't gone on a vacation despite this massive success, however, as they have already announced a couple of changes for McCree and D.VA. McCree is most likely going to get his "Fan the Hammer" damage reduced, while D.VA is likely to get a buff that helps her survive in the thick of combat for longer than a single millisecond. Hopefully this means the removal of the massive crit-spot that essentially covers the entire mech.

As a final note, if you're wondering if Overwatch is really as good as people say, I welcome you to check out the review I've done after playing it for over 50 hours at this point. Short version, it might have some flaws, but it sure is damn good fun.