Roadhog artwork from the recent Wasted Land comic

Ever since Doomfist's launch Blizzard has been really consistent with the release of new bits and pieces of lore. In these last few months alone they've slightly tweaked Numbani and Eco Point Antarctica to better represent the current story, showed off a brand new cinematic short starring Mei, and even released a rather intriguing comic that focused entirely on the villains, characters that never really get much screen time outside of being beaten up.

Continuing on with the same theme, and no doubt inspired by the upcoming payload map Junkertown, Blizzard has just now released a short comic detailing how Roadhog and Junkrat first met. You can find the standard version by heading over here, though I would suggest you check out the animated version instead as its a lot more atmospheric. Either way, its well worth a read!

If you're hungry for some more information about Junkrat and Roadhog, or perhaps Junkertown itself, make sure to also check out the two relatively recent trailers. The first one is a brief (and hilarious) cinematic short starring Junkrat & Roadhog as they devise a cunning plan, while the other is a preview of the upcoming Junkertown along with a small introduction to the enigmatic queen. Enjoy!