Doomfist talking about war from the Overwatch comic Masquerade

When it comes to Overwatch lore we know a lot of details about how all of the 'good guys' relate to each other, what their goals are, and how exactly they're organized. As for the villains, i.e. the Talon operatives, we know surprisingly little. Blizzard released a couple of hints and teasers over the past year, but despite seeing Reaper and Widowmaker show remorse for what they've become we know almost nothing about their plans.

This is where the recently posted Masquerade comic comes into the play. It not only showcases the Overwatch villains as actually competent agents, but it gives a good glimpse at the inner workings of Talon, and most importantly, their grand plan! So if you have even an inkling of interest in Overwatch I would definitely suggest you give the Masquerade comic a read.

As always, there is also an animated version available. It features a lot of sound effects and relatively slow transitions so its not going to be for everyone, but if you want to enhance your reading experience a little bit its well worth checking out.

If the comic has gotten you interested in Doomfist you'll be glad to hear that you'll soon be able to play him on the live servers! According to the most recent announcement Doomfist and the accompanying balance changes will be coming next Thursday, on July 27th. And finally, allow me to leave you with what might just be the most hilarious image from the entire comic:

Sombra in her Harlequin outfit