Screenshot from the Rise and Shine Mei short from Overwatch

During the recent gamescom 2017 convention Blizzard finally unveiled the first of many cinematic shorts planned for the relatively near future. Unlike the previous cinematics that focused primarily on action, the recent Rise and Shine short was more about exploring Mei as a character and giving everyone a good look at what exactly keeps her going despite the odds being stacked against her.

If you're wondering how exactly that story was created, and why the Overwatch developers felt it was even worthy of attention, you'll find the answers you seek in the latest "The Making of" developer diary. Have a look, its well worth the six minutes:

There isn't much I can really add to the video, so allow me to instead share with you the two Junkertown related trailers, just in case you haven't seen them already. The first video is a brief cinematic short starring Junkrat & Roadhog, while the other is a preview of the upcoming payload map Junkertown. They might not be of the same quality as the Mei short, but they are well worth checking out regardless. Enjoy!