Genji from the Overwatch animated short Dragons

Continuing on with the Blizzard tradition of releasing amazing pieces of animation, the latest Overwatch short has finally arrived and it tells the story of two of my favorite characters, Genji and Hanzo.

The video, simply titled as Dragons, doesn't provide much in terms of new information, but what it does offer is plenty of extremely well choreographed action scenes, and even a shot of Genji reflecting Hanzo's PTSD-causing ultimate straight back at him. But enough of my blabber, here's the video:


As I've mentioned above, Blizzard's animation team has never produced anything sub-par, and this short was certainly no exception. I especially love how they not only used Hanamura (an in-game map) as the setting, but also managed to completely recreate all of its various nooks, crannies, and corridors. The only thing I can really complain about is that the writing is basically by-the-numbers, but since its based around a legend I suppose you don't have much wiggle room to work with.

Actually, I may have lied, I can also complain about the fact that this video made me want to play more Overwatch, something that is going to remain impossible until it finally releases on the 24th.

Finally, if you're interested in my review and thoughts on the Open Beta after spending around 20 hours with it, I welcome you to check it out by heading over here.