Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018 screenshot of Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy

[Update #2]: The Winter Wonderland 2018 event is now live!

[Update]: Added the awesome-looking Krampus Junkrat to the list!

Overwatch's third annual Winter Wonderland event is set to arrive this December 11th for both PC and consoles. You can expect to see festive variants of numerous maps (including a newly redone Blizzard World), the Yeti Hunt and Mei Snowball game modes, all of the previous Winter Wonderland cosmetics and voice lines, and naturally, a whole bunch of new skins to collect!

If you're wondering what exactly these skins might look like, wonder no more as Blizzard has now released brief teasers for quite a few of them. The quality isn't exactly the greatest as Twitter videos are heavily compressed, but you should still be able to get a pretty darn good idea of what to expect. Have a gander, and if you desire a closer look just click on the image to go to Blizzard's announcement:

Krampus Junkrat

Overwatch Winter Wonderland screenshot of the Krampus Junkrat skin

Figure Skater Symmetra

Overwatch Winter Wonderland screenshot of Figure Skater Symmetra

Gift Wrap Bastion

Overwatch Winter Wonderland screenshot of Gift Wrap Bastion

Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy

Overwatch Winter Wonderland screenshot of Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy

Arctic Fox Lucio

Overwatch Winter Wonderland screenshot of Arctic Fox Lucio

Snowboarder Zarya

Overwatch Winter Wonderland screenshot of Snowboarder Zarya

Biathlon Widowmaker

Overwatch Winter Wonderland screenshot of Biathlon Widowmaker

While they aren't particularly breathtaking, I have to admit there is a certain charm to most of them. The only ones I would throw out would be the Widowmaker and Zarya skins, as controversial as the latter opinion might be. The Widowmaker skin is far too plain and boring compared to what she already has, whereas Zarya's fluffy bear hat simply does not match her no-nonsense personality. Personally, I want more Barbarian-style Zarya skins that really exaggerate her strength, but alas we mostly seem to be getting jokey cosmetics for her.

My little rant aside, once Blizzard reveals more of the cosmetics I'll make sure to let you know, though to be perfectly honest I'm not expecting many more reveals before the patch itself arrives. Until then, do make sure to check out the current PTR as it has some really impactful changes to both Doomfist and Brigitte, changes that might just shake up the meta once more!

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