Overwatch Winter Wonderland screenshot of Hanzo getting hit with a snowball

If you currently have more Overwatch coins than you know what to do with, you might be interested to hear that Blizzard has announced that the third annual Winter Wonderland event will begin next week. To be more specific, Winter Wonderland 2018 will run from December 11th to January 2nd across both PC and consoles.

You can expect to see festive versions of various maps (including the always lovely King's Row), all of the previous Winter Wonderland cosmetics and voice lines, the Yeti Hunt and Mei Snowball game modes, and naturally, a whole bunch of fancy new cosmetics. It's pretty much the same thing we've been getting every year, which is to be expected given that Blizzard has recently said their focus is less on events and more on adding new gameplay features like replays, demos, clans, and so forth.

Blizzard will be revealing most of the interesting cosmetic items over the course of the next week, but as of right now they've only unveiled one new skin - Snowboarder Zarya. I'm not exactly a big fan of it as it clashes heavily with Zarya's no-nonsense personality, but I'm sure many of you will find the fluffy hat to be positively adorable. And for the rest of us, there's always the Barbarian skin from the cross-promotion event a while back!

Once Blizzard reveals a few more skins I'll make sure to let you know, but until then I would highly recommend you go and check out the currently ongoing PTR. It has some rather severe nerfs to Doomfist and Brigitte, as well as a variety of nice buffs. Enjoy!