Overwatch screenshot of the old version of Casual Hanzo

In December of last year Blizzard released a short Overwatch comic highlighting what some of the characters are doing during the holiday season. Only a single frame of that entire comic was dedicated to a very casual-looking Hanzo buying a piece of cake, but his appearance managed to draw so much attention that it quickly became one of the most fan-requested skins.

After a year-long wait Blizzard finally obliged and released "Casual" Hanzo as a part of the Winter Wonderland 2017 update. In most cases this would be the end of the story, but unfortunately the new skin had a variety of problems and bizarre design choices that quickly turned the community against it. There are far too many complaints to list out, but here's a couple of the major ones: the hero icon looks like it was made out of playdough, there is a random stripe of baldness going around Hanzo's head, the beard is perfectly gray while the hair is perfectly black, the combination of saggy pants and yellow dragon straight across his backside makes Hanzo look like he had a bit of a toilet accident, and the list goes on for a while.

With all of that in mind, I am very glad to say that the Overwatch developers have now announced that they are working on sprucing the skin up! The whole thing is currently a work-in-progress so there aren't any concrete details available, but here's what the devs have managed to cook up so far:

Overwatch screenshot of the improvements to the Casual Hanzo skin

From what I can tell Hanzo's hair and beard have been significantly altered, his piercings are now smaller, and his pants have been pulled up. Hopefully they'll also fix the poopy-dragon, hero icon, and annoying scope coloring, but even in this current state I must admit the updated skin is noticeably better!

You can expect to see this update arrive at some point in early January, though no release date has been given just yet. And speaking of January, its also worth mentioning that Blizzard World and its accompanying Blizzard themed cosmetics are also set to arrive around the same time. So if you're a fan of playing dress-up, January is going to be one hell of a month!