Tracer from the festive Overwatch comic Reflections

If your love for Overwatch transcends the field of battle, you'll be glad to hear that Blizzard has just released a brand new comic. But unlike the previous 'super-serious' comics that revealed a ton of new lore, Tracer's Reflection is more about the characters themselves and how they celebrate the holiday season.

So if you're up for feeling both happy and sad for the various members of Overwatch, you'll find the comic over here. Once you get to the two-page spread with all of the characters make sure to check out each section individually - there's a ton of detail in nearly every single one of them!

Besides Tracer being gay, the biggest surprise here is seeing Reaper seemingly depressed. The only real emotions he showcases in-game are anger, rage, and perhaps a bit of self-righteous anger to balance it all out, so to see him looking a bit... grim (sorry) is quite interesting. Other than that, I refuse to believe that Sombra can out-drink McCree given that taking shots is practically his entire character!

All these terrible, terrible puns aside, I do have some bad news for those among you that love Overwatch comics. A little while ago Blizzard announced that the Overwatch: First Strike graphic novel has been canceled. The reason is the simple fact that the Overwatch story has evolved greatly from its conception, and as such the graphic novel would be completely outdated the moment it came out. What this means is that we will unfortunately have to wait even longer to find out what in the world happened between Reaper and Soldier 76 that made them into what they are today. Then again, a good mystery is almost always going to be more interesting than the answer, so perhaps we're better off this way.

Reaper from Overwatch looking rather depressed and glum in the Reflections comic