Overwatch 2 screenshot of Roadhog's Pachimarchi themed skin

[Update #2]: The new support hero Lifeweaver has now arrived alongside Season 4, and while he's currently a bit weak, his abilities sure do show a lot of potential!

Even though the One-Punch Man crossover is still ongoing, Blizzard has decided to throw in an additional event to help spice things up a bit. However, instead of another crossover, the freshly released 'PachiMarchi' is more of a classic event.

In other words, PachiMarchi brings with it a new limited time game mode by the name of Catch-A-Mari, as well as a couple of simple challenges to help you snag lots of bonus experience for the Battle Pass and Pachimari (the weird onion-octopus thing) themed cosmetics of which the Roadhog skin pictured above is definitely the highlight. A fairly simple event in the grand scheme of things, but a nice little distraction regardless!

As for the new game mode, it's a 3v3 brawl where you have to confirm kills by stealing the opponent's Pachimari toy in order to actually get victory points. You can also deny your opponents points by picking up any allied Pachimari you find, so despite being essentially team deathmatch, there's actually a decent bit of strategy and coordination required in order to do well. For a 'throwaway' game mode, I'm actually quite impressed by how well Catch-A-Mari plays.

The whole PachiMarchi event will be running until April 4th, while the One-Punch Man crossover will be going away on April 6th. So if you're in the mood for some shooty-shooty action, this would be a pretty good time to dive into Overwatch 2 as you'll be able to complete both sets of challenges at the same time.

Have fun, and I'll make sure to let you know once the next big update goes live.