Screenshot of a spider from Obsidian's Grounded game

[Update #2]: Grounded's newest update has added a massive bird and a new perk system!

[Update]: Grounded has now arrived, and as expected, spiders are bloody horrifying when they're three times your size!

While most survival games these days are attempting to make things ever more grandiose in order to attract attention, Obsidian has chosen to go in a bit of a different direction with Grounded. Instead of roaming across gigantic landscapes, Grounded will have you explore and attempt to survive in a simple backyard... while shrunk down to the size of an ant!

If that sounds like just the type of nonsense you'd love to sink your teeth into, you can give Grounded a bit of a closer look through one of recent trailers. Have a peek, it's a fairly short but fun one:

Grounded will be heading into Early Access on PC and Xbox One this July 28th. This initial version will only contain three major biomes and approximately 20% of the story campaign, so unless you're super eager to dive in, it might be wise to wait a few months before grabbing it. As for the full release date, nothing has been announced just yet, but you can expect Grounded to leave Early Access at some point in 2021.

You can learn more about Grounded, as well as keep an eye on any future developer updates, over at the official website.