Grounded screenshot of the new bird on the map

[Update]: Grounded's Update 0.3 has added zip-lines and expanded the Hedge area.

Even though it may take place in a simple backyard, Grounded's miniaturized world is a rather exciting one to explore. The ant's eye view transforms even the most mundane of objects into a spectacular discovery, though it does also makes even the smallest and harmless of predators into an absolute nightmare.

With that in mind, you might be both pleased and horrified to hear that Grounded has now added a rather inquisitive bird, along with a bunch of crafting recipes that utilize said bird's feathers. As for what exactly this looks like in gameplay terms, that you can find out through the rather brief teaser trailer. Have a peek:

Besides our new avian overlord, Update 2.0 has also brought in a perk system with 13 unique perks to uncover, as well as two new quest types. There's also a few new buildable objects, improvements to the performance, a plethora of bug fixes and balance tweaks, and the list goes on for a while.

You can find the full list of changes and fixes over at Steam. But on the other hand, if you prefer to uncover things yourself, simply dive into Grounded as Update 2.0 has already gone live. Have fun!