Grounded screenshot of a spider attack

[Update #2]: After two years of updates, Grounded has now finally been unleashed from Early Access!

[Update]: Grounded's newest update has added a massive bird and a new perk system!

In a bit of an unusual, though not unwelcome twist, Obsidian has decided to set their newest survival game Grounded not on some sort of bizarre alien planet, but rather in a completely average backyard. The catch, as you might imagine, is that you will be exploring this backyard while shrunk down to the size of an ant!

This kind of miniaturized predicament brings with it a whole new set of challenges and enemies to face off against, as well as an entirely new perspective on the world around you. I just hope you don't mind spiders since they can be absolutely terrifying when they're three times your size and potentially hiding in any sort of nook or cranny!

As for what exactly Grounded has to offer in terms of gameplay, that you can find out through the recently posted and rather self-aware trailer. Have a peek, it's a pretty fun one:

Before you get too excited, it is well worth mentioning that Grounded is currently in Early Access, and thus both unfinished and unpolished. That said, Grounded does already feature a fair bit of content, so you can definitely still have fun with it, especially with some friends by your side. So whatever your thoughts on Early Access may be, I'd highly recommend reading a little bit more about Grounded before diving in, just to be on the safe side.

You can start by hopping over to the official website, or perhaps going over to Steam to check out some of the user reviews. Enjoy!