MTG Arena artwork for the Rix Maadi Reveler card from Ravnica Allegiance

[Update]: All of the upcoming Ravnica Allegiance cards have now been revealed.

Much like the Guilds of Ravnica set that came before it, the upcoming Ravnica Allegiance cards will be coming to MTG Arena an entire week ahead of the physical version. In other words, you can expect to see the Orzhov, Gruul, Simic, Azorius, and Rakdos guilds in MTG Arena this January 17th.

As you might expect, Ravnica Allegiance will bring with it a whole bunch of new cards and mechanics to toy around with, most of which will be themed around the five two-colored guilds mentioned above. You can get a bit of a sneak peek at what these cards will look like, as well as what unique mechanics each guild will bring to the table, by hopping over to the official website. For example, here's a small teaser showing what the Cult of Rakdos will be all about:

When it comes to the rest of the cards, however, you might be glad to hear that Wizards of the Coast will soon be revealing all of them. The teasers have been a bit slow these past few days given that most people are on holiday, but you can expect them to ramp up quite heavily as we move towards January 17th.

If any big announcements arrive before Ravnica Allegiances releases I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you might want to go and mess around with the currently free Pauper event. Not only does it have a very festive board and some creepy snowmen to play around with, but it's also offering you a chance to get alternate card art for Llanowar Elves and Firemind's Reaserch. So if you have a bit of time, do make sure to give the Pauper event a try - it's quite fun!