MTG Arena official alternate artwork for Llanowar Elves

With the holiday season now well and truly upon us, MTG Arena devs have decided to spread the holiday cheer with a free Pauper event. So bring your most powerful deck constructed only out of common cards, and see how far your skills will take you in a format that's quite different from the usual ranked mode shenanigans.

Besides being a pretty fun game mode to mess around with, the reason you should definitely dive into the Pauper event is because it has also brought with it the very first cards with alternate artwork since the closed beta. The two alternate cards on offer are Llanowar Elves and Firemind's Reaserch, and I am glad to say that both of them look pretty darn good!

As you might imagine, you will be able to unlock these cards by winning games in the free Pauper event. Securing even a single win will give you access to one copy of Llanowar Elves, while getting five wins in the event will net you a copy of the somewhat niche Firemind's Reaserch. It's a fairly simple system, and thanks to the event being entirely free, you should be able to score as many copies as you want without too much trouble. 

Merry Christmas, have fun, and if you're a brand new player looking to build up your collection, make sure to also use the "PlayRavnica" code to get some free packs!