Martial arts roguelike Sifu artwork showing off the main character

[Update #2]: Sifu will be coming to Steam in March 2023 alongside a new Arena Mode.

[Update]: Sifu's summer update has now arrived with 11 gameplay modifiers to tweak and 8 'cheats' to mess around with.

During the last big update the martial arts roguelike Sifu added added two new difficulty modes, one for each extreme. With the upcoming August 31st update, the Sifu team will be taking the idea of customizing your own experience even further by giving you a wide assortment of gameplay and difficulty modifiers to explore!

With the new tools you'll be able to attempt completely insane challenge runs where everything possible is stacked against you, smash through hordes of enemies as if you were a superhero, or just embrace chaos and make everything an unpredictable yet hilarious mess. Combine this with the previously implemented difficulty modes, and you should be able to create exactly the type of gameplay you enjoy, which for a fighting game really is quite the boon!

As an additional little bonus, the update will bring with it two new costumes for you to style on your enemies with. The Enforcer Armor will be granted to everyone that owns the deluxe edition of the game, while the second outfit, the Master Hand, will be available free of charge.

Out of the two I suspect you'll be seeing a lot of the Master Hand outfit online as it has one rather special property - the first hit you take will knock your hat off and leave you with a permanent mark of shame. So if you want to look cool all the way to the end, you'll need to beat the game without being hit a single time in the entire run!

You can get a pretty good idea of what all of this looks like in action through the freshly posted preview. Have a gander:

Once the summer update goes live I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can learn more about Sifu and its gameplay style over at the official website. Enjoy!