Sifu official artwork and logo for the martial arts roguelike

[Update #2]: Sifu will be coming to Steam in March 2023 alongside a new Arena Mode.

[Update]: Sifu's summer update has now arrived with 11 gameplay modifiers to tweak and 8 'cheats' to mess around with.

Whether you're looking for a relaxing experience or a heart-pounding challenge, the martial arts roguelike Sifu's latest update should have you covered. On the easier side of things you now have the Student difficulty mode that gives you more life to work with, while also making enemies less aggressive and reactive. On top of that bosses have simpler patterns for you to memorize and counter, which should make the whole experience a lot less punishing.

Unsurprisingly, the Master difficulty mode is the complete opposite. You have less life to work with, enemies are going to do their best to inconvenience you at every step and react far faster to your attacks, while the bosses themselves are getting tricky new patterns for you to contend with. Master difficulty isn't something I'd recommend for your first playthrough, but if you don't mind repeatedly sweeping the floor with your face while you master the combat, it could be a rather fun challenge.

Either way, in order to make the learning process easier the Sifu team has also improved the training mode. You can now use it to fight against any type of enemy or boss you've defeated in the story, as well as tackle multiple enemies at once if you really want to push yourself. And if you feel like you've missed something important, you can also use it to redo the tutorial.

What these new changes look like in action, that you can get a brief peek at through the freshly posted trailer. Have a gander:

You can check out the full patch notes, as well as learn more about Sifu, over at the official website. Have fun getting punched in the face!