Martial arts roguelike Sifu artwork showing off the main character

[Update]: Sifu will be coming to Steam in March 2023 alongside a new Arena Mode.

As a part of the last big update the martial arts roguelike Sifu added two new difficulty modes in order to give players a new way to tailor their experience. With the latest update, however, the developers have decided to take that idea to a whole new level!

So instead of simply adding more difficulty modes to help you customize your level of challenge, Sifu has now implemented 11 gameplay modifiers to tweak, along with 8 'cheats' to mess around with. With these tools you can now create insanely hard challenges where enemies are tough and relentless, complete cakewalks where you can one-shot just about everyone, and most importantly, utter nonsense by messing with things like gravity!

The summer update has also brought with it two new cosmetic outfits: the Enforcer Armor that is granted to everyone that owns the deluxe edition of the game, and the Master Hand set that is available free of charge. The latter is particularly exciting as it comes with a very special property - the first hit you take will knock your hat off and leave you with a mark of shame for the rest of that run! So if you want to look stylish all the way through, you'll need to have equally dazzling skills!

What all of this looks like in action, that you can get a pretty good idea of through the recently posted trailer. Have a gander:

To learn more about the update, as well as to check out the full list of changes, you should head on over to the official website. Have fun with the new challenges, and I'll make sure to let you know once the next big update goes live.