Heroes of the Storm screenshot of Junkrat from the trailer

We've known about Junkrat's arrival to Heroes of the Storm for nearly a month now, but despite the developers releasing a rather awesome cinematic trailer we pretty much had zero information on his abilities and playstyle, though that last part wasn't exactly hard to guess. As such, I am glad to say that Blizzard has now finally released an official hero spotlight video for Junkrat!

So if you're interested in seeing what sort of abilities Junkrat has at his disposal, as well as what exactly changed during his transfer to Heroes of the Storm, you'll find the recent developer video right below. Have a look, its quite an interesting one:


While I expected Blizzard to stay true to his general theme, I'm genuinely impressed by just how accurately they've managed to translate Junkrat from an FPS into a MOBA game. I mean, he's practically the same hero! I especially love the Chattering Teeth talent as that little device looks insane enough for Junkrat to actually use, and it also makes a lot of sense for a game where you can't exactly hide traps behind stairs. I might not play Heroes of the Storm very often, but Junkrat and Ana appear to be well worth checking out!

As a final note, if you're looking for an even more detailed overview of Junkrat's abilities, you'll find what you seek over at the official website. The same goes for his cosmetics, though I'm afraid only one appears to be available right now. On the positive side, it looks pretty damn hot!

Heroes of the Storm screenshot of Junkrat's Fallen cosmetic