Heroes of the Storm artwork featuring Ana, Junkrat, and Volskaya Foundry

A few days ago Blizzard revealed that Heroes of the Storm will soon be getting a whole bunch of Overwatch themed content. While the full patch notes haven't been revealed just yet, the upcoming update will be adding Ana and Junkrat as playable heroes, as well as a brand new map set in Volskaya Industries.

If you're wondering how exactly a skill-intensive healer like Ana is going to make the transition from FPS to MOBA, wonder no more as the developers have now released a rather lengthy spotlight video. While some of the spells had to be changed, you'll be glad to hear that she plays and feels pretty much like her Overwatch self! Have a look, its quite an interesting video:

I would love to tell you more about Ana, as well as Junkrat, but I'm afraid this is pretty much everything Blizzard revealed so far. On the positive side, the developers did recently release an in-depth look at the new Volskaya Foundry map. So if you're interested in seeing what sort of heroes and playstyles the new map will favor, you'll find the preview video right below. Enjoy!