Heroes of the Storm artwork featuring Volskaya Foundry, Ana, and Junkrat

Given how many Overwatch heroes have already made themselves comfortable in the Nexus, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that Blizzard has just announced a few more Overwatch-themed additions for Heroes of the Storm. While the full patch notes haven't been revealed just yet, the upcoming update will bring with it Ana and Junkrat as playable heroes, as well as new map themed after the 'fan-favorite' Volskaya Industries.

Along with this announcement Blizzard has also released a very anime-like cinematic trailer that offers a rather good look at the new heroes and cosmetics. Have a gander, its well worth the few minutes, even if you're not a massive fan of Heroes of the Storm:

If you're wondering what exactly their abilities are, or how Junkrat's spammy nature has been translated into Heroes of the Storm, I'm afraid you're going to have to wait for a little while longer as Blizzard has yet to reveal any details. On the positive side, they did just release an in-depth look at the new Volskaya Foundry map. So if you're interested in finding out what sort of strategies and heroes will work best on the new map, you'll find the preview video right below. Enjoy!