Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire concept art of arches in the desert

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire's very first content expansion "Daybreak" arrived a little while ago, bringing with it a rather stunning amount of content. There was a brand new and fairly lengthy zone to explore, a new story chapter with some of the best voice acting so far, a variety of new weapons and armor to collect, a new raid to repeatedly smash your head against, and naturally, a brand new Fractal - Twilight Oasis.

If you're interested in finding out what Twilight Oasis is all about, as well as getting a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at ArenaNet's development process, you'll find what you seek in the recently posted developer video. Have a look, its a fairly short but interesting one:

The video itself is fairly self-explanatory, so allow me to instead draw your attention to the fact that the 2017 Design-a-Weapon contest has now concluded. The three winners have been chosen, and are now in the process of being re-created as shiny new in-game weapons. How long this is going to take, nobody outside of ArenaNet really knows, but thankfully the weapons do look good enough to be worth the wait.

On the other hand, if you're itching for more behind-the-scenes footage, let me send you off with last year's preview for the Nightmare Fractal. Its not as long or as in-depth as today's video, but I think its still worth a watch. Enjoy!