Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire official artwork

After collecting well over 900 player-created weapons, Guild Wars 2 developers narrowed down the 2017 Design-a-Weapon Contest to only 20 entries. Ever since then the community was able to vote for their favorite concept, with the three most popular ones getting recreated in-game as fully fledged weapons!

The voting has now been closed, as you might imagine from the title, and the winners finally announced. If you're interested in seeing the overall rankings you should head on over to the official website, but for now allow me to share with you the top 5, of which the fourth one is my favorite. Have a look:

Guild Wars 2: Weapon Design Contest 2017 winners

The fourth place weapon from the Guild Wars 2 2017 Design-a-Weapon Contest

The fifth place weapon from the Guild Wars 2 2017 Design-a-Weapon Contest

There is currently no release date set for these weapons, but since creating in-game assets is usually a lengthy process, I'd suggest you prepare yourself for a bit of a wait. Until then, make sure to keep an eye out on the Guild Wars 2 Flickr account as the developers will be posting all ~900 submissions for your viewing pleasure. And finally, if you haven't played Path of Fire in a while, its also worth mentioning that the very first major content update has now arrived, and already its shaping up to be the best Living World episode released so far.