Guild Wars 2 artwork from the Living World Season 3 storyline

Guild Wars 2's Path of Fire expansion brought with it a wide variety of interesting locations to explore, as well as some of the best mounts I've ever seen in an MMO, but what it unfortunately ended up lacking was long-term content. My first journey through Path of Fire was downright amazing, but there just wasn't any real reason to keep coming back, which is a bit of a problem for a freshly launched MMO expansion.

With that in mind, I am very glad to say that Path of Fire's first content update "Living World Season 4: Episode 1 - Daybreak" has managed to address some of the major complaints! There is a new and interesting storyline to play through, a variety of achievements and items to hunt, and perhaps most importantly of all, a brand new zone that seems to have some real meat to it. How long its going to last, only time can tell, but so far I must say I'm quite pleased with what Daybreak has to offer.

Besides the new story content which I don't want to spoil, Daybreak has also brought with it a new fractal, a couple of reworked fractals, a more useful way to spend fractal relics, a new raid, and some much needed quality-of-life changes. I haven't given the raid a try just yet, but the new Twilight Oasis fractal is both fun and challenging, albeit a bit too long for what is supposed to be a quick adventure. Its probably not going to be something I do often, much like Shattered Observatory, but its still a welcome addition to the roster.

As for the new quality-of-life features, the best one by far is the fact that keys and competitive currencies no longer take up inventory slots! There are still some keys (like the Nightmare key from the Silverwastes) that aren't in the new system, but its still a noticeable improvement over the mess we had before. You can read more about these sort of changes over at the official patch notes.

Finally, let me send you off with the recently posted teaser trailer. Before you go, just keep in mind that there are some spoilers for Path of Fire's story buried in the video, so if you still haven't finished the full campaign you might want to avert your eyes from both the video and Daybreak itself. As for the rest of you, here's the video and have fun with the new content!