Windows Store games will be able to support SLI and Crossfire

The Windows 10 Store has managed to garner a fair share of criticism the last few days after people found out that games bought from it won't have SLI/Crossfire support, an option to turn off Vsync, dedicated fullscreen, modding or even Steam integration due to lack of .exe file.

However, Microsoft's Mike Ybarra quickly came out and dispelled some of these rumors in a short tweet saying:

"SLI and Crossfire work, games just need to support it just as always. We will fix vsync."

While that is good news there is still the "small" problem of games bought through the Windows Store being inferior versions of those bought on Steam, Origin or even Uplay.

The reason for this is that the Windows Store requires games to be packaged not as conventional desktop executables but rather as apps using Microsoft's own Universal Apps Platform which brings with it a whole host of restrictions, the most damning of which is the lack of modding support.

I would love to be told I'm completely wrong, but right now it seems that the Windows Store is retracing the steps of the much loved GFWL which tried to lock down the PC platform in similar ways before, mostly at the expense of customer satisfaction. There is still time to change however, so here's to hoping that Microsoft decides to do so.