Dying Light zombie attack artwork

[Update #2]: After seven years of updates and support, the Dying Light team is finally moving on.

[Update]: As a part of yet another update, Dying Light 1 has upgraded everyone to the Enhanced Edition for free, including The Following expansion!

Someone at Techland must genuinely love the original Dying Light. Even though the sequel is literally two months away, the team has just unleashed another decently sized update for the original! Much like the last time around, the update is mostly here to flesh out the Hellraid DLC with new bits and pieces.

You can expect to see new map sections to explore, a new magic wand weapon, a brand new enemy to use said weapon on, as well as two new quests to undertake. As for what exactly the new story will be about, that you can find out through the brief snippet that came with the update:

"Evil forces never rest—not until their demon lord, Ba’al, has been summoned into the world. Guided by his calling, they tap into darkness itself to bring him back. It’s time to act. Lucius can sense the malign powers crescent inside the dungeon, now stronger than before, and he knows what it betokens—something is coming. Something out of this world. You must betake yourself to the parts of Hellraid you’ve never explored before and worst Ba’al’s worshippers in time, for only you can stop the inevitable and conquer the magic flowing there."

Besides all of the new Hellraid content, Update 1.46 has also brought with it some nice quality of life features, mostly centered on co-op play. It's all highly specific stuff, so if you're interested in the details you can check out the full list of changes over at Steam.

Have fun, and if you manage to catch this before December 14th, Dying Light is also currently free to try out! There's admittedly not much time left, but it'll hopefully be enough to give you a pretty good impression of just what Dying Light is all about.

As for the previously announced "next gen" update, I'm afraid no new information has been given just yet. Once that changes, however, I'll make sure to let you know.