Dying Light screenshot of a mass zombie attack

[Update #2]: The next-gen update has arrived just as suddenly as it was announced, and by the looks of things it's only for the console versions.

[Update]: Nothing new has been said about the next gen update, but Dying Light did just get a new content update for the Hellraid DLC!

Much like the zombies that infests its streets, the original Dying Light simply doesn't understand what it means to give up. Despite releasing all the way back in 2015, the Dying Light team has been releasing both paid and free updates at a fairly decent frequency for a mostly singleplayer experience, with the last of the bunch releasing this October!

With all of that in mind, it might not even come as much of a surprise to hear that Techland has yet another big addition planned! However, instead of being gameplay focused, this one will be mostly technical - a next-gen update.

There are currently no details as the update is still a work in progress, but if I were to hazard a guess I'd say the main focus will be on getting the console versions of Dying Light up to speed. While the PC version will most likely not get a massive array of changes, these sort of next-gen updates usually bring some quality-of-life changes, bug fixes, minor visual enhancements and performance improvements we can benefit from as well.

Once Techland releases more information, and ideally the update itself, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, this might be a pretty good time to start a new co-op playthrough as the Enhanced Edition is currently 50% off on Steam. Have fun!