Dead Island 2 official artwork showing the characters

[Update #2]: Nearly a decade after its original announcement, Dead Island 2 has now finally been unleashed.

[Update]: Dead Island 2 is not only alive, but it's also finally launching on February 3rd, 2023 for PC and consoles!

With all of the recent news about Dying Light 2, the previously announced yet still mysterious Dead Island 2 came into the public's eye once more. Dead Island 2 was originally announced in 2014 and was supposed to release in 2015, though unfortunately it ran into some development issues and was postponed time and time again.

We've heard very little about Dead Island 2 since then, which as you might imagine led to a lot of people simply writing the entire game off, but according to one of the recent tweets from the official Dead Island Twitter account the game is still in development! The devs haven't shared any additional information, but according to the tweet they're keeping Dead Island 2 under wraps until it's ready for the spotlight. Probably a very good idea given that it's bound to be heavily scrutinized due its troubled development and the lengthy wait.

Once Deep Silver or the developers release some actual information I'll make sure to let you know, but until then I'll leave you with the initial announcement trailer. Much like the original Dead Island it's a pretty darn good trailer, so if you haven't seen it I fully recommend you take a minute to do just that. Enjoy!