Control - The Foundation screenshot of a small cat idol

[Update #2]: It took a while for this announcement to arrive, but Remedy Entertainment is now officially working on Control 2!

[Update]: Remedy has announced that Control is getting a co-op focused spin-off - project Condor!

If you've finished Remedy's Control and you're still hungry for more mysteries to uncover, you might want to check out the newly released expansion - The Foundation. As the name itself would suggest, The Foundation will have you uncover the bizarre origins of the Oldest House, as well as try to stop reality from collapsing while you're there.

You can get a little bit of a sneak peek at what some of this might look like, as well as what The Foundation offers in terms of gameplay, through one of the recent trailers down below. Have a look:

As for whether The Foundation is worth your time, I'd say that depends entirely on how much you enjoyed Control. The reason I say this is because The Foundation DLC is pretty much more Control, just with new toys to play around with, a new location to explore, as well as even more weirdness.

So if you're itching to dive back into the world of Control and learn more about its history, The Foundation should be right up your alley. Conversely, if you were hoping for some truly drastic changes, I'm afraid you won't find them here.

Either way, you can learn more about The Foundation DLC over at the official website. Have fun!