Artwork for Alysia the Ice Weaver from Battlerite

Even though Battlerite has only recently been updated with the Prehistoric Mania event and Destiny the Sky Ranger champion, the developers have already unleashed another combo. The newly launched Frozen Mists update has brought with it a whole bunch of cosmetics, Alysia the Ice Weaver as a brand new hero, an Arctic Deathstalker mount that you can earn by winning 40 matches, and naturally, a variety of balance changes.

There doesn't appear to be a preview video for the new cosmetics like there was for Prehistoric Mania, but thankfully there is one for the newest champion. So if you're interested in seeing what Alysia is all about, you'll find the video right below. Have a look:


As for the balance changes, there aren't that many of them, but they sure are significant. For example, Croak's incredibly powerful Toxin-based battlerites have now been reshuffled, which is going to force him to choose between sustainability and an easy-to-land slow. You can find all of the details, as well as a brief look at the new skins, over at the official website.

This event will last until January 9th, so you should have plenty of time to grab a bunch of skins and the new mount. Just make sure to play in the Casual, League, or Duel game mode in order for your progress to count. Have fun!

Battlerite screenshot of the new Frozen Mists cosmetics