Battlerite artwork for the newest hero - the Sky Ranger

Battlerite is the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions, and much like its predecessor its a highly skill-based and team-oriented PvP brawler. It went fully free-to-play around two weeks ago, and much to my delight it has managed to acquire a rather large playerbase. And what better way to celebrate its growing popularity than with a brand new champion!

The newly introduced Sky Ranger represents a combination of high mobility and slow but powerful attacks. As such, she's not going to be an easy champion to play since even a couple of mistakes can snowball into a quick death, but if mastered her damage potential is quite impressive, especially when you consider just how often she can bounce around the arena. But rather than just 'listen' to me babble about the new champion, allow me to show you what the Sky Ranger looks like in action. Have a gander:

Besides the Sky Ranger, this update has also brought with it the usual slue of cosmetic items and balance changes. If you're interested in all of the balance tweaks you can find the full patch notes over at Steam, but just from a cursory glance there don't appear to be any significant changes, which is a good thing since Battlerite is already in a fairly good place.

As a final note, I would just like to recommend you give Battlerite a try if you haven't already. It really is an excellent game, so if you're a fan of skill-based competition its well worth checking out, especially if you have some friends willing to do with with you! Its completely free after all. Either way, have fun with the Sky Ranger!